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Ready Made Automated Client Closing Sales Funnel
To help you to generate a steady stream of leads from the internet we’ve prepared an automated Sales Funnel for you to drive traffic through. 

This automated sales funnel helps you to pre-sell potential clients and sells your services. 
Create & Manage Client Projects
This makes it simple to manage multiple clients accounts at once. You can create folders for each of your clients. Then store projects in each folder depending on the client. Keep track of your client projects and easily manage your different projects within this system.

This update will be added to your account on the 1st of April
Add Sub-Users To Your Account
Now you can scale up your business with Retarget Agency. 

You can in seconds add additional users to your account. 

Hire outsourcers to create your retargeting campaigns, add filters and install your retarget code for clients.
Your Dashboard Becomes Bi-Lingual 
German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French. You can instantly use different languages to use this software. Adjust Based on your chosen language or your clients language.
'Selling Ready' Client Sales Scripts
It’s easy to bring on clients for your new ads consultancy. It’s even easier when you have
our proven to convert sales scripts.

You’ll be able to use these sales scripts to sign businesses up following a simple process (That involves no selling really). 
'Done For You’ Client Contracts
Download our proven client contracts. 

These contracts are perfect for clients joining you and paying monthly for your services.
They’re very professional and easily rebrandable to apply instantly to your business. 
Private Facebook Group Access
Share strategies, connect and collaborate with a wide range of other Facebook Ad Consultants. Ask any questions and communicate with like
minded people as you grow your agency.
How To Setup Your Automated Client Getting ‘Ad Consultant’ Machine
To help you get the fastest start possible with this package we’re also going to be running two live webinars.
These webinars will include step by step instructions about how to get started making money from your Facebook ads agency as soon as possible as well as walk you through setting up your entire
automated ‘client generation funnel.
Quick recap on everything you get when you upgrade
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Automated Client Getting 
Sales Funnel
Download and use a completely done for you and proven client attraction system.
Create & Manage 
Client Projects
Create and manage mutiple folders. Seperate clients and assign projects as you please.
Add, Edit Sub-Users
Add collaborators, clients or outsourcers to your account to help you scale your agency.
Bi-Lingual Support
You & your outsourcers can now choose from a wide range of different languages.
‘Selling Ready’ Client Sales Scripts
These scripts help to quickly and easily sell your 'retargeting' service.
‘Done For You’ Client Contracts
Sign-on clients for monthly recurring charges. Maximize revenue, generate recurring income.
Private Facebook
Group Access Collaborate with other agency users, share ideas and more within a private Facebook group.
How To Setup Your Automated Client Getting ‘Ad Consultant’ Machine
To help you get the fastest start possible with this package we’re also going to be running two live webinars.
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As a special launch bonus when you get access to the agency package today you can add 5 sub-users to your account.

Your outsourcers will also get access to our full step by step training portal to learn the software and help you to scale your business into the hundreds, thousands or more. 

This package is going to give you an edge over other Retarget users and help you to dominate your competition. 
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How do The Outsourcing Licenses Work?
After purchase you'll see a new feature that's activated within your account to add additional users. 
Is there a limit to how many licenses I can purchase?
Yes you can only purchase this package 2 times for a maximum of 10 outsourcers. If you require more outsourcers then you can contact our support on: http://support.adsightpro.com
Can I resell my licenses once I get them?
No you cannot. These licenses can only be given away to people who work actively within your company either as contractors or employees. 
What is your refund policy?
Yes! Ordering is risk free. If for whatever reason that you're not satisfied after 30 days send us an email and your money will be returned immediately to your account. Note that your access to the AdSight software will also be cancelled.
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